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Sharon J Wilson is the website  of Sharon J Wilson, writer.    In this website I will highlight what I am writing and what is happening with publication. I presently have one book published and two under contract.  See below for information on these projects.  I also offer editing services to other writers. 

JAILBIRDS Release Delayed

My manual for children of incarcerated children was to have been released in this coming January by 4RVPublishing in Oklahoma.  Some personal issues among the staff have delayed it for a bit, but editors have been assigned and things are moving along.

While BROWN is a hard cover book, and I love that, I will probably publish JAILBIRDS as soft copy to keep costs down so that I can try to get it into as many hands as possible. I would like jails, prisons, lawyers and shrinks to purchase copies for their patients and clients, and I would like to find a way to get it distributed free to kids whose folks are in jail.

Anybody know of a good grant?

Brown V. the Board

BROWN V THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF TOPEKA ( don't ask me why they left Kansas out of the title) was released in September of 2015.  It was published through Red Line Editorial and has released by ABDO publishers.  They would love to sell you a copy at just under $25.  I would love for you to buy one as well. It is a part of a set of books about the Civil Rights Movement.

I was pleased with the work of the publishers although I would have chosen different illustrations.  You may not know that the author does not have much of an input on some things in a book.

I would like to do more work for them and am hoping they will send me more assignments.,

It is a fun thing to hold my own book in my hands.


THE NIGHT THAT SLAVERY DIED is a partially fictionalized account of what that night might have been like, when on December 31, the Emancipation Proclamation went legally if not actually into effect.

Bells rang in celebration.  Old men cried and children wondered. No one's lives would change much at midnight, but the promise, the true promise of freedom was finally come to a people.

I hope to publish this picture book for older kids in hardcover and to have it illustrated in color, but my publisher is not one of the rich ones, so we will see what we can do.  It is scheduled to be released in January 2017.

It surely takes a long time to get a book out once it is purchased!